Moisture Wicking / Dri-Fit lightweight Tshirt. With Freak Citys very own Military Themed design featuring a great moment in history for the City of Asheville, have you ever heard of the Memphis Belle?


The Memphis Belle is a B-17 bomber that flew in WW2. She is the first bomber to have successfully flown 25 combat missions. In 1943, after her last mission, the Belle and her crew were sent on a War Bonds tour of the country. Her Pilot, Colonel Robert Morgan was an Asheville, NC native. During the Memphis Belle’s stop in Asheville, Col. Morgan decided to have a little fun. He flew the plane through the middle of downtown up Patton Ave. and buzzed between the Courthouse and City Hall. What made this so awesome is the Memphis Belle has a 103-foot wingspan and the buildings are only 74 feet apart so he had to bank her 60 degrees! It was kind of a big deal at the time, and ended up being the subject of a monument that sits downtown today! This local story pays tribute to our history, our coin design incorporates this and also gives a nod to Asheville being a “Beer City” as it is home to some of the best craft breweries in the country!

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